Every Family Has a Story

What is your favorite family story?  Was it told to you by someone you love, or were you part of the action — up close and personal —  when it happened?  I grew up in a family with parents who had photo albums from when they were young, and shared the stories behind the pictures with us.  One of the best presents my mother ever gave Daddy was to “catch up” on the family pictures, giving him the up-to-date album Christmas morning.

In our family, I have become the “caretaker” of the family pictures.  I have inherited albums from my in-laws as well as my great-aunt, and each time a family member has died I have ended up with many more loose pictures.  I treasure these “heritage” pictures, and want to give them good homes.  I wish I could say they were all safely in albums, but they are not; memories are works in progress.  Of course, the things that make these pictures into treasures are the written family stories that will bring them alive for generations to come.  And that’s where I come in.

Through Photo Fun With Fawn I hope to inspire you to write those family stories…even if you only caption the pictures with “who”, “what”, and  “when”.  If you can add “why”, that will be even better.  Some days I will post lay-out ideas, sometimes journaling prompts, and I will share resources from Close To My Heart along the way.

Feel free to comment on what you see, or make suggestions for what you would like to see.  I would love to turn this blog into a conversation.  And if you are curious about what goes on in my life besides Close To My Heart, go visit my first-love blog at Triggershorse.wordpress.com  .


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