Why I scrapbook, part 2

Today I would like to share a scrap of paper in Mom’s handwriting that I found when going through some of her things awhile back. Being able to preserve memories such as this is another reason why I scrapbook — and also why I blog! Had God’s timing been different, Mom would have become a blogger right along side me.

11/18/02 10:03 PM
Somehow today I have realized I feel like I’m really going to get through all this Dr-ing, radiation, etc.
Don’t know if it is the past 9 days of sunshine, which I’ve enjoyed more than I can say, the fact that there are only (?) 5 more treatments, or knowing that Dick and Margaret are going to Barbara’s & Lee’s 50th Ann. All help enormously I’m sure. Also off & on all day I’ve worked on getting the Treasure Room ready to accept all the “stuff” from the Guest room. Looked at & put in plastic sleeves many wonderful artistic pages of all kinds of artists.

Anyhow, I’m going to be over all the tiresomenesses soon and be “me” again. HP

Mom, Daddy, and Lily, c. 2008

Mom, Daddy, and Lily, c. 2008

Mom was finishing up her chemo for breast cancer when she wrote this. The chemo, along with follow-up meds, allowed us to have her another seven years, for which I will always be grateful. (Dick and Barbara are two of Mom’s siblings. I kept her spelling and punctuation as she wrote it.)


5 thoughts on “Why I scrapbook, part 2

    • I have a hard time throwing away anything with Mom’s handwriting on it. And you are right, each one is a treasure, and I am still running across them as I help Daddy sort through her many collections. – Fawn


    • More than once I heard Mom tell someone, “I’m not sick — I just have cancer!” She was the most positive person I have ever known, and set the bar very high for us. – Fawn


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