“An Artistic Adventure”

I am almost packed, the gifts for my room mates are finished, and I am ready for “An Artistic Adventure” to begin! Close To My Heart will be celebrating 30 years this week, as a few thousand consultants gather at The Disneyland Hotel for Convention.

My daughter and resident nail expert figured out my new custom Jamberry nails, so my fingertips resemble Minnie Mouse’s wardrobe.

My Minnie Mouse nails from Jamberry Nails.

My Minnie Mouse nails from Jamberry Nails.

Tomorrow’s tee-shirt is my teal “Scrapbook Ninja” one (thanks to Two Chicks Designs), and each day will have its own shirt, including Saturday’s favorite, “Forget the glass slipper, this princess wears running shoes”. Perfect for a 5K run (walk) through Disneyland, don’t you think?

Each day will bring new surprises, new product, new techniques. And throughout the fun we will still remember why we do what we do: Memories are important. Pictures are important. Families are important.

I will be checking in throughout the week, although I won’t be posting new product pictures yet. The new Idea Book goes on-line August 1, so no peeking. But I will be sharing glimpses of the fun, including the evening I have planned with my son and daughter-in-love Thursday night.

I hope you enjoy the week. I know I will!


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