Here is a bit of encouragement for anyone who might have unfinished projects laying around…


For several glorious years I made the trek to Sacramento with Duon and other friends for the Spirit of Cross Stitch Festival. When the course catalog would arrive (months ahead of time) we would pour over it for weeks while we juggled our schedules, our wallets, and our skill levels until we found just the right mix of classes. Then the Festival would come and we would meet each challenge in our own way, beginning each project during the workshop and progressing at our own pace. Back at home I would make a few stitches in each before tucking the tote bag into the depths of my bedroom closet.

Meanwhile, Duon would return home and immediately tackle her favorite project. When that was completed, she would go on to the next, and so on. And the next time I walked into her home I would be greeted by her completed…

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