A new find

Yesterday at the Trinity Lutheran crop, the gals were comparing various storage containers/systems for their paper stashes. I have loved my Daisy Wheeled Cart by CM, but as I have gotten older I realize that it is more and more difficult for me to lift the loaded cart up into my Jeep. So I have been looking for a reasonable replacement (probably more than one) that would be portable and easy to load into the car.

Part of our discussion was about handles, and how even the nicest storage boxes had handles on the top, while they needed to be on the sides. One of the scrappers was very happy with the system she was using, and showed it off proudly. It is made by Iris, and is called a “Portable Scrapbook File Box” with accessory compartment. It holds hanging folders (3 are included), and has a top tray for tools, shiny objects, etc. I was so taken with it that I went to Joann’s this evening searching for one.

I was in luck. Not only did they have one, but it was 50% off! So I brought it home and will be loading it with new paper (including the Close To My Heart WOTG Pathfinding Cardmaking Kit that arrived yesterday). I will probably go back for at least one more.

Iris Paper Storage File Box

Iris Paper Scrapbook File Box


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