Second Saturday again

I’m all packed, ready to load the car in the morning for our Second Saturday Scrap. I look forward to working on Christmas cards with my gals, both within the Yuletide Carol workshop and some spontaneous ones. This will be our last gathering before Christmas, so I’m sure there will be both giggles and tales of woe about shopping successes or challenges. That is one of the joys of scrapbooking with friends: Time to be creative, but also plenty of time to unwind and de-stress among friends.

My plan had been to bake tonight for tomorrow, but we took my granddaughters to visit friends and make gingerbread houses, which always takes longer than planned. So I’ll get up bright and early and bake the cinnamon apple bread that will start our day together.

Our gingerbread adventure will become a lovely album layout!

Mom giving Olivia some expert assistance with her house

Mom giving Olivia some expert assistance with her house

Lily planning the decor.

Lily planning the decor.

If you have unfinished Christmas projects, your albums are calling to you, or you simply need some “Me Time”, join us at The Little House, 939 S. Chinowth Street, Visalia CA tomorrow between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. We will make room for you!

There is still time to order Christmas gifts from Close To My Heart. Shop here.


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