Christmas memories

Although the Christmas 2014 holidays are “officially” over, now is the perfect time to scrapbook your memories of them. This year I decided to use the Holiday Happenings MyCrush book and embellishments as my holiday album. With 15 double-sided pages, it is just big enough to have room for my favorite memories and events of last December, without being so big that it is overwhelming to me.

At last Saturday’s Second Saturday Scrap, I got started by saving my card from Kay at Kay Gets Crafty. The envelope with its UK postmark was worth keeping, as well.

Kay's card and envelope...definitely worth saving!

Kay’s card and envelope…definitely worth saving!

I also kept my own Christmas card. I love both the pictures of Lily and Olivia, as well as our tradition of using a picture of the three of us as my Christmas card (this is our third year).

"May your Christmas be filled with love and your New Year with many blessings."

“May your Christmas be filled with love and your New Year with many blessings.”

While I was at it, I wrote a (bit belated) Christmas letter to Santa, claiming to have been “mostly good”, and listing the things I was wishing for. I need to gather pictures from my phone, Georgia’s phone, and her camera, and get them printed so that I can finish this MyCrush Book. But I am off to a great start! To get one for yourself, go to my Online Business Address. Happy scrapping!


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