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You’re crafty!

Just in case you thought Close To My Heart products were only used for scrapbooking!


There comes that moment when your boss looks at you and says, “You’re crafty!” and you know you should probably run away, but that is not an option.  Then you are handed a to-go bucket for soup and asked to decorate it to hold the tickets in a contest.  Of course, being a good employee, and at least a moderately crafty person, you rise to the challenge and take said bucket home with you.

Then you sit and think.  You get out your scrapbooking supplies and tools, dragging them all over the  kitchen table.  Then you do anything BUT decorate the bucket for the next 36 hours or so.

Finally you are out of time.  You have two hours to deliver said bucket, pleasantly decorated, so you have to stop thinking and DO SOMETHING!

The initial plan was for the bucket to be covered with wine-colored card stock, which I…

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Make it From Your Heart…Day #4

Thanks to amazingly spotty internet service at the Disneyland Hotel, even getting online has been well nigh impossible, so blogging just hasn’t happened.  This week has been absolutely amazing, and once I get home to reliable service I will be posting pictures, as promised.

This morning was our 5K run to benefit Operation Smile…and I must say it was definitely easier this year than last, thanks in part, I’m sure, to me being twenty pounds lighter than last year.  I had great walking partners, too, which made it lots of fun.  And the Disneyland and California Adventure employees who lined our route and cheered us on were delightful!  I find it amazing that it is 8:15 in the morning and I have already walked three and a half miles, changed clothes, and had breakfast…with Extravaganza awaiting at 9:00 a.m.!

This is our last official Convention day, and tomorrow I will explore California Adventure for the first time.  Monday will be spent on the train going home.  The seven hour plus trip will give me plenty of “quiet time” to review my notes from this week and design a game-plan for the upcoming year.

More later.

Convention, here I come!

I will be cross-posting things all week from the Close To My Heart Convention 2015 in Anaheim…stay tuned for further adventures!


This is Day #1 of my 2015 Close To My Heart adventure.  My bags are packed and ready to go (but not by jet plane).  After work this afternoon I’ll be off to the Coast for an overnight stay with my dad and brother, and tomorrow’s meeting with the Cuesta Doll ladies.

And then the fun really begins…my first trip by train alone, cruising along the ocean through Santa Barbara via the Pacific Surfliner, ending up in Anaheim — a mere 1.5 miles from Disneyland!

I will be posting pictures and updates from the Disneyland Hotel and the surrounding territory all week, and of our 5K run/walk on Saturday benefiting Operation Smile.

Last year was such an amazing adventure, an “Artistic Adventure”.  This year’s theme is “Make it From Your Heart”, which is how our founder, Jeannette Lynton, ends all her correspondence to us.

See you later.

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