National Scrapbook Month

We skipped our Second Saturday Scrap this month because I had a major scheduling conflict, but I can’t bear to miss out on National Scrapbook Month scrapbooking with my friends. So we have scheduled a special scrapping time for this coming Saturday, May 16, from 9:00 – 3:30 at The Little House (our usual location, 939 N. Chinowth Street, Visalia CA). Bring whatever spring projects you need to work on, along with a snack to share if you can. We will have a low-key day, and enjoy the pleasure of each others’ company. RSVP by commenting here or calling me at 559-786-5068.

To sweeten the pot a little, Close To My Heart is offering two wonderful specials for May…the Taste of Summer paper pack ($8.95) and the special D-sized Stamp Set for National Scrapbook Month ($17.95). You can find both, as well as inspiration for your summer projects, at my Online Business Address.

Celebrate National Scrapbook Month with these Taste of Summer papers for $8.95

Celebrate National Scrapbook Month with these Taste of Summer papers for $8.95

Taste of Summer Stamp Set for $17.95.

Taste of Summer Stamp Set for $17.95.



Yesterday’s Making Connections event in Sacramento was truly wonderful! There is something so charming about being part of a team that expands a corporate training event to include a daytime “play date”. I love the total rush that comes from spending quality time with authentic, caring women. They truly are Close To MY Heart!

On our way from our play date to dinner...the best is yet to come!

On our way from our play date to dinner…the best is yet to come!

Monica Wihongi, Vice President of Marketing, was our speaker for the evening, and inspired us with her enthusiasm, wisdom, and joy. She shared insights and tidbits from Shawn Achor’s books, The Happiness Advantage and Before Happiness, as well as stories about her journey as a wife, mother of 7 children and two new furbabies, and her life with Close To My Heart.

The thing I love most about Monica is her accessibility. She doesn’t just go through the motions with “meet and greets”; she gets in close with the selfie camera and makes friends. She reminded us about Close To My Heart’s Motto:

[At Close To My Heart] We show you how to celebrate relationships through discovering your creativity to preserve and share the memories that matter most.

Monica Wihongi is an absolute powerhouse!

Monica Wihongi is an absolute powerhouse!

I really needed the boost that this Saturday supplied…I have missed blogging here, and am ready to get back on a regular schedule.

Happy Sunday – Fawn

T is for “travel”

Since I talked about my Close To My Heart business, it seemed logical to reblog this post here at Photo Fun With Fawn.


According to, “travel” means “to go from one place to another, as by car, train, plane, or ship; take a trip; journey”.

One of the benefits of my Close To My Heart business is that I get to travel to see my customers, to attend corporate trainings, to get away to scrapbooking retreats, and (best of all so far) to the annual Close To My Heart Convention.

Last weekend my up-line Jen and I traveled to Three Rivers to explore the site for our Winter Wonderland Retreat, to be held next January. Next weekend we are headed to Sacramento for an all-day scrapbooking play date with many of our colleagues, and then a Corporate-sponsored Making Connections event that night. There are four of us going together, which will be great fun — and there is sure to be someone who can keep Jen awake on the drive home at…

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Stamp Camp

It is scrapbooking adventure time this weekend, so I’m sharing tonight’s post from Trigger’s Horse. Enjoy!


I am running away from home this weekend in the company of 25 or so assorted other women — some I know, some just waiting to become friends. We will be hidden away at the Koinania Christian Camp in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains of California. The biggest challenge for me (besides not taking every scrapbooking project I own) will be the total absence of Internet and cell phone service all weekend. There is a land line in the office in case of emergency, which should be all we need, but I am pretty thoroughly tethered to my electronic media. I know the break will be good for me…if nothing else but to make me appreciate my phone and computer on a daily basis!

I’m taking my Cricut Expressions2 along, hoping to spend some time getting to know my way around it in the company of women who use theirs…

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What I made today

One of the things I have learned over the last few months is that keeping both of my blogs current and fresh is a struggle. So I’m sharing today’s Trigger’s Horse posting with Photo Fun With Fawn. Enjoy!


Today marks the first day of our new NaBloPoMo for February, with the theme of “make”. So my plan was to get card ideas during the Superbowl game this afternoon, then move to the kitchen table and make Valentines for the ladies of the Cuesta Doll Club. Of course, like many of my great plans, this one got highjacked by Georgia.

I left the room briefly and she grabbed the remote (surprise!) and found the movie “Divergent”. Not only did she find it, but she told me I needed to watch it, now. I explained my plan for the evening, and was told I needed to watch it anyway! If you haven’t seen it, just let me tell you that I’m absolutely exhausted from helping the main character survive the movie — if you have, you will understand why! Not to mention that the subject matter wasn’t exactly conducive to…

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Christmas memories

Although the Christmas 2014 holidays are “officially” over, now is the perfect time to scrapbook your memories of them. This year I decided to use the Holiday Happenings MyCrush book and embellishments as my holiday album. With 15 double-sided pages, it is just big enough to have room for my favorite memories and events of last December, without being so big that it is overwhelming to me.

At last Saturday’s Second Saturday Scrap, I got started by saving my card from Kay at Kay Gets Crafty. The envelope with its UK postmark was worth keeping, as well.

Kay's card and envelope...definitely worth saving!

Kay’s card and envelope…definitely worth saving!

I also kept my own Christmas card. I love both the pictures of Lily and Olivia, as well as our tradition of using a picture of the three of us as my Christmas card (this is our third year).

"May your Christmas be filled with love and your New Year with many blessings."

“May your Christmas be filled with love and your New Year with many blessings.”

While I was at it, I wrote a (bit belated) Christmas letter to Santa, claiming to have been “mostly good”, and listing the things I was wishing for. I need to gather pictures from my phone, Georgia’s phone, and her camera, and get them printed so that I can finish this MyCrush Book. But I am off to a great start! To get one for yourself, go to my Online Business Address. Happy scrapping!