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Craft challenged

I am totally “craft challenged”.  Even though I still do fairly “naked” scrapbook pages, I am still the slowest dancer at the party.  If I were being paid by the hour for my crafting, I would most likely starve.  But I craft anyway, and I like to think I am getting better!

I am the proud owner of a Cricut Expressions2 that I have had for at least five years and have plugged in twice.  I have every intention of learning to use it, and haul it with me on a regular basis when I scrapbook.  Perhaps I will actually use it this weekend at our School of Rock Retreat.

All that being said, I yearn for a dedicated papercrafting/scrapbooking space.  I buy every issue of “Where Women Create” when it hits the news stand, and pore over the beautiful photos of studios and “open concept” rooms, lusting after stacks and stacks of coordinated boxes, bins, and shelves of products.

Right now my newly-created crafting space is a 2’X3′ folding table smack dab in the middle of my bedroom.  By turning my body slightly to the left I can move from my computer to the table without leaving my chair. And two steps farther puts me in bed.

The beauty of this space is that I am actually using it for creating.  I’m hard at work making treat boxes/place cards for this weekend’s retreat, times 24.  Then will come cutting and preparing kits for my card-making workshop.  And then pricing product to take for sale.  This small space will be a hubbub of activity this week.

The point of this is to say, “Don’t be discouraged if you have a tiny space, or even a kitchen table you must borrow and clean off daily.”  There is room in your life for crafting if you want to do it.  So craft away, and dream of an airy, sun filled workspace “someday”.

My tiny crafting space...yes, the blob of pink is my bedspread...right next to the work table.

My tiny crafting space…yes, the blob of pink is my bedspread…right next to the work table.


We have a winner!

I am SO excited! Now and then I take part in various contests on Facebook and often wonder how people manage to win them. Well, yesterday Mandie Wade at The Crafty Crop Shop hosted a Win-It Wednesday contest on her group page, and all we had to do was to “like” the page and comment. Which I did, and then I went on with the rest of my day.

I woke up this morning to an email letting me know I had won the contest! So soon I will be the happy owner of a bunch of lovely scrapbooking goodies thanks to Mandie and Stacia Brandt at Scrap Stuffz by Stacia. Thank you to both of these lovely ladies! Win It Wednesday drawing

Scrapbooker’s Dream

A tradition at Golden Oak Elementary School is a PTA fundraiser known as “Tricky Tray”.  I’m not sure where the name came from, but basically each tricky tray item is a basket of some sort, carrying out a particular theme.  Each classroom is responsible for putting together a basket, and generally the students contribute items, with the teacher filling in at his or her expense wherever there are gaps.

This year it was my pleasure to nourish my granddaughter’s 2nd grade teacher by offering to create the basket for their classroom.  The theme was a natural for me.  I called it “Scrapbooker’s Dream”.  I donated a viola-covered hat box from my collection, and filled it with a combination of new Close To My Heart products, as well as some from my Creative Memories stash.  The gift enclosure card with a partial contents list was made from Colonial White cardstock and featured the rearing unicorn from the Unicorn Dreams hostess rewards stamp set, stamped in Gypsy ink.

I had fun putting the gift together, and the mom who won the raffle seemed very pleased.  Is there someone in your life who needs nourishing?  For gift ideas, visit my Online Business Address at http://www.photofunwithFawn.ctmh.com.

The Tricky Tray basket I created for our school raffle.

The Tricky Tray basket I created for our school raffle.


A fun thing happened to me Sunday at church.  A young mother came up to me in the kitchen during coffee hour and said, “I did my first scrapbooking yesterday!”  I was delighted, because last fall I gave her an album at her baby shower…a baby girl album, as she and her husband were keeping their expected baby’s gender a secret.  I told her at the time I had a baby boy one, too, and she could trade for it after the birth if she needed to.  And when HE was born, we did exactly that!

She told me she had gone through the album and entered in all the appropriate information so far, and made notes of how many pictures she needed for each event.  She had taken zillions, of course (this is the first baby of his generation), and there was no way she would be printing all of them.

I am excited because, as a professional with a full-time job in addition to motherhood, it would have been easy for her to put the album in the back of the closet and forget it.  But she didn’t…and she is looking forward to printing and saving her precious photographs.

I can hardly wait to have her join us at a Second Saturday Scrap to do just that.  And if you are anywhere near Visalia, California, consider yourself welcome, as well.